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Recruit Overseas have US and UK telephone staff ready to join your team. Eliminate accent issues! Prices from just $6p/h for Americans or £6p/h for Brits! Recruit using our 3 easy steps:

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We have Telesales Staff, SDR’s, BDR’s, Appointment Setters and many more! No commitment or hidden recruitment fees.

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What We Do

Recruit Overseas, headquartered in London, employ US and UK Native telephone staff globally. Our staff typically have lived in the US or UK for over 20 years before moving abroad, ensuring no accent concerns—a significant barrier in client interactions. We ensure these barriers are not present when our sales staff communicate with your clients! Most outsourcing staff are typically based in Asia, and unfortunately when they are speaking to your clients they can tell! We have made it our mission to find the best staff around the world so your clients do not even realise that your agents are based away from your head office. We triple-vet all of our staff to ensure you are only hiring the top 1% . We also know how time consuming the onboarding process can be so we have procedures in place to keep your churn rate low! Where other recruitment agencies charge you high fees we operate on a simple invoicing system, no tie-in period and no hidden recruitment fees!

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Our Range of Services

Zero Overheads

By using Recruit Overseas, we will handle payment to the candidate, you will not have to pay taxes such as PAYE or National Insurance contributions etc.

Highly Experienced Staff

Recruit Overseas have been able to build a taskforce of highly talented and proven candidates which we can assure will be the perfect fit for your role.

24/7 Support

Contact Recruit Overseas’ support team 24/7 if you have any issues and we will ensure your issue is ticketed and resolved as soon as possible.

Triple Vetted Candidates

Recruit Overseas vet staff on several skills not only to ensure they have the required skillset to perform your role but also skills such as English language and writing.

Reliability And Flexibility

Due to the fluid business model of Recruit Overseas, we offer a trial period for you to get to know your candidate. During this period, you are under no obligation to commit to us.

Source Candidates Faster

With 100s of staff members which are looking for placements, if you can provide us with your ideal candidate, we will look to get your position filled within a 48 hour window.

Call 0203 488 2470 to speak to the Recruit Overseas Team


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